The integration is pretty similar to the Vanilla approach.
Just you need to be sure to load the script. A good place to put it's _layouts/default.html:
<script src="//[email protected]/umd/microlink.min.js"></script>

  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function (event) {
In the code above, we are associating microlink cards with the class name card-preview.
So now, when we write a new jekyll post, we are going to associate card-preview class name with the links we want to convert into previews.
Then the link will be rendered as
You can pass any Microlink API query parameter as a data-* field.
[]({:.card-preview data-size="large"}
It's the equivalent to passing {size: 'large'} with the Vanilla integration.
If you want to customize the style, it can be done using CSS Classnames.