Product Brief #1:
Prerendering, Pricing & SDK First Steps

December 30, 2017 ()

Prerendering by default

Example of using microlink for Amazon links. Prerending improves data accuracy.
When you access into a web, normally you need to wait a few milliseconds after all the content is available: Your browser is prerendering all the content before you can interact with it.
We use this technique in order to be sure the data we can extract is loaded, using prerender parameter.
If you wanted to apply this behavior, you had to explicitly do it. This decision was driven because prerender makes response time slow and, in order to guarantee the minimum response time, we disable it by default.
But now it will be enabled by default in all requests 🙌.
You don’t want to worry about if the target web needs or not prerendering. You do not have to know!
We have made great improvements in infrastructure and now the response time is constant even with prerendering enabled, so we decided to enable it by default unless you explicitly deactivate it.

Adaptative professional plans

Our pricing now reflects different configurations based on your necessities.
The authentication way for professional plans was updated as well.
The free plan is limited to a maximum of 500 requests per day, with one concurrent request per second.

Metascraper v3

We released a lot of open source under our .
We are a company that believes in Open Source Sustainability and we want to achieve a symbiosis between collaborative code and infrastructure service.
One of our core projects is that it converts regular HTML into structured data.
We worked together with , the original metascraper’s author for commit our improvements and make it accessible to everyone.`

Join the community

All of these improvements or features are community driven: We listen to your feedback and act accordingly.
Whether you are are building a product and you need fancy previews, you’re an indie hacker or simply you like frontend stuff, come with us 🙂.