Product Brief #3:
Video Support, Better Prerendering & SDK Features

March 2, 2018 ()

The new video data property in action. the rest!

A new video field

We added support for video 🎉.
Now, the Microlink API provides a new field called video for identifying streaming sources detected from the target url.

Added auto prerendering mode

Pre-rendering is a technique for retrieving the HTML content simulating the user browser navigation.
Although it will provide better data, it will take more time to respond. Most popular services do not need it.
In order to improve the response timing, we’ve provided an auto value by default.
This means that the service will determine if the target URL needs to use the pre-rendering technique or not.
We tested that this decision speeds up the process up to 50%.
A great merit of the improvements is related with our work improving our abstract library for interacting with headless Chrome, .
Also thanks to the for helping us address performance issues.
Microlink SDK now supports video previsualizations. the rest!

Added video support

Because Microlink API can detect video, we use the new field to place the streaming source into our preview cards, via our SDK.
video support is included for normal or large card sizes.
We added properties to control the video, like autoplay, muted or loop options.

Smooth image loading

Our fancy loading animation, claps to 👏.
We improved the transition between how the card looks before the content of the card is loaded, to give it a more natural look.

Add reverse property

Using the new direction API paramter for invert the media position in the card.
We added the possibility to invert the orientation of the content in the card using a new field called reverse.

How to update

You’ll need to make sure you have version 1.7.0 or above of the Microlink SDK.

From CDN

The easiest way to consume the frontend library. Just paste the corresponding script before the closing <body> tag:
<script type="text/javascript" src="//[email protected]/umd/microlink.min.js"></script>

<!-- Microlink SDK AMD bundle -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="//[email protected]/amd/microlink.min.js"></script>

<!-- Microlink SDK CJS bundle -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="//[email protected]/cjs/microlink.min.js"></script>`}</PreCode>
See more information.

From NPM

If you’re using Microlink from your `package.json` then you’ll need to consume the library from the NPM registry:
Vanilla version
npm install @microlink/[email protected]
React version
npm update @microlink/[email protected]
See more information.

Join the community

All of these improvements or features are community driven: We listen to your feedback and act accordingly.
Whether you are are building a product and you need fancy previews, you’re an indie hacker or simply you like frontend stuff, come with us 🙂.