Fallbacks rules definition

A data field can be defined by more than one rule that will be used as fallback rules:
const mql = require('@microlink/mql')

const github = username =>
  mql(`https://github.com/${username}`, {
    data: {
      avatar: [
          selector: 'meta[name="twitter:image:src"]:not([content=""])',
          attr: 'content',
          type: 'image'
          selector: 'meta[property="og:image"]:not([content=""])',
          attr: 'content',
          type: 'image'

const username = 'kikobeats'
const { response, data } = await github(username)

  `GitHub avatar for @${username}: ${data.avatar.url} (${data.avatar.size_pretty})`
The rules provided under the same data value will be evaluated respecting the order:
  • If the first rule fails, then it fallback in the second rule.
  • If the second rule fails, time to fallback in the third rule.
  • etc
Being the value obtained the first rule that satisfies the condition successfully, if that's possible.